be not grieved
Isaiah 40:1
"Comfort ye, comfort ye My people," saith your God.
Isaiah 40:2
"Speak ye comfortingly to Jerusalem, and cry unto her that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned; for she hath received from the LORD'S hand double for all her sins."
Luke 23:34
Then Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." And they parted His raiment and cast lots.
2 Corinthians 2:7
so that contrariwise ye ought rather to forgive him and comfort him, lest perhaps such a one should be swallowed up with overmuch sorrow.
2 Corinthians 2:11
lest Satan should get an advantage over us. For we are not ignorant of his devices.
Genesis 45:7
And God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance.
Genesis 45:8
So now it was not you that sent me hither, but God; and He hath made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt.
Genesis 47:25
And they said, "Thou hast saved our lives. Let us find grace in the sight of my lord, and we will be Pharaoh's servants."
Genesis 50:20
But as for you, ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good to bring to pass as it is this day, to save many people alive.
1 Samuel 1:19
And they rose up in the morning early and worshiped before the LORD, and returned and came to their house at Ramah. And Elkanah knew Hannah his wife, and the LORD remembered her.
2 Samuel 12:12
For thou did it secretly; but I will do this thing before all Israel and before the sun.'"
2 Samuel 16:10-12
And the king said, "What have I to do with you, ye sons of Zeruiah? So let him curse, because the LORD hath said unto him, `Curse David.' Who shall then say, `Why hast thou done so?'"
And David said to Abishai and to all his servants, "Behold, my son, who came forth from my loins, seeketh my life. How much more now may this Benjamite do it? Let him alone and let him curse, for the LORD hath bidden him.
It may be that the LORD will look on mine affliction, and that the LORD will requite me good for his cursing this day."
2 Samuel 17:14
And Absalom and all the men of Israel said, "The counsel of Hushai the Archite is better than the counsel of Ahithophel." For the LORD had appointed to defeat the good counsel of Ahithophel, with the intent that the LORD might bring evil upon Absalom.
Job 1:21
and said, "Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither. The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD."
Psalm 105:16
Moreover He called for a famine upon the land; He broke the whole staff of bread.
Psalm 105:17
He sent a man before them, even Joseph who was sold as a servant,
Acts 2:23
Him, being delivered by the determinate will and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken and by wicked hands have crucified and slain.
Acts 2:24
But God hath raised Him up, having loosed the pains of death, because it was not possible that He should be held by it.
Acts 4:24-28
And when they heard this, they lifted up their voice to God with one accord and said, "Lord, Thou art God who hast made heaven and earth and the sea and all that is in them,
who by the mouth of Thy servant David hast said, `Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things?
The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord and against His Christ.'
For truly against Thy holy child Jesus, whom Thou hast anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles and the people of Israel, had gathered together
to do whatsoever Thy hand and Thy counsel determined before to be done.
Acts 7:9-15
And the patriarchs, moved with envy, sold Joseph into Egypt. But God was with him
and delivered him out of all his afflictions, and gave him favor and wisdom in the sight of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, who made him governor over Egypt and all his house.
"Now there came a dearth and great affliction over all the land of Egypt and Canaan, and our fathers found no sustenance.
But when Jacob heard that there was corn in Egypt, he first sent out our fathers.
And on the second visit Joseph was made known to his brethren, and Joseph's kindred were made known unto Pharaoh.
Then Joseph sent and called his father Jacob to him and all his kindred, threescore and fifteen souls.
So Jacob went down into Egypt and died, he and our fathers.