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The History of Imperial Chivalry of St. George

Imperial Chivalry of St. George formed by the granting of an Imperial Knighthood to the Grand Comptur (and Grand Master of the Order). The Imperial Knighthood is a legal title, which gave him the legal right to grant knighthoods upon others. Thus, the need for an Order of Chivalry arose. The Order within the United States was incorporated on February 14th, 2007.  The purpose of the Order is to attract knightly men and women to promote the ideals of Chivalry, Knightly actions and lifestyle, the principles of Christianity, and support like oriented organizations.

Functions, communion of members, and other works of the Order shall be conducted to support the goals, ideals, and Christian charitable actions that will further the purpose of the Order.  If you are an individual with Knightly character, and wishes to make a difference in our society today, the Order encourages you to contact us.

What the Order supports and Stand for

Imperial Chivalry of St. George embarks on works to help our fellow man. We strive to teach, defend, and promote the ideals of Chivalry and Christianity. We stand as an organization to live the teachings of Christ, love your neighbor as yourself. We will do everything in our power to assist all those seeking aid, friendship, knowledge of Christianity and Chivlary, or longing to enrich their spirit.

The Order arose from a group of Knightly men whom desire to continue the honor of military, chivalry, and traditions of nobility set forth by the ancient Orders of Chivalry.grand

The purpose of the Order is to promote the Glory of God and the ideals of Chivalry and Knightly actions in accordance with ancient traditions. The Order's goal is to be true to the teachings of God through guidance of the Christian Church. This shall be accomplished through the virtues of Charity and Knightly Brotherhood. The Order shall carry out its charitable work without distinction of religion, race, origin, or age.

Within the Order, a community of Christian Brotherhood between Knights shall be expected. A fellow Knight shall be viewed as a Brother, Friend, Resource, Confidant, and be treated with the value Christ has given to us. The door, shoulder, ear, heart, or anything of a Knight shall not be closed to a Brother Knight. The strength of Christian Chivalry exhibited by the Order shall become an example for all of society by holding the principles Christ demonstrated to us as the highest rule of order, Love your Brother as Christ has Loved you shall be the rule to govern the lives of Brother Knights. This will assist each Brother Knight to have and grow their spiritual and moral strength. Spiritual and moral growth of Brother Knights shall be facilitated also through the philosophy of the Order being an ecumenical Christian order. This philosophy shall maintain each Brother Knight to have an open heart and mind regarding the spiritual needs and views of other Brother Knights. This is paramount because a Brother Knight shall never degrade another Brother Knight's views and beliefs.

The Order is a Christian Order of Knighthood dedicated to seeking God and Chivalric principles in our lives. We shall strive to promote understanding between all people that will promote love and respect. We stand for supporting the poor, sick, unjustly accused, supporting freedom and free speech, and the well being of the nation each Ballei calls home.

The Order shall be subject to those laws of individual Nations and States or Provinces in where a body of the Order exists. No Knight shall act contrary to the laws of their nation, and each Knight is expected to uphold the ideals and laws of their home country.


flagThe Order supports charitable organizations which further the ideals of chivalry and Christianity. Some of the organizations we support are:

  • The Christian Church
  • Humanitarian organizations which provide aid for Christians in foreign lands and here at home
  • Organizations that support men and women who served in the armed forces protecting the freedom to be a Christian
  • Educational organizations which are christian based
  • Many other local charities with Hospitaller, Chivalric, Heraldic, and Christian goals

Our Order also conducts programs on our own to further our ideals and to benefit society as a whole. One of the programs to illustrate this is the Esquire program. This program is designed to help teach our children to be honorable, responsible, and good members of society. Success of this program depends on the involvement of the parents, whom are the role models for all young children. Unless we want to repeat the mistakes of our past, we need to look to the children (our future) and provide them the tools, morals, values, and honor to change the world. 


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